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The Mylander Foundation was established by George Mylander in June of 1987 as a private, nonfprofit institution as a means of sharing his wealth to further the philanthropic missions of charitable, educational, scientific, literary, religious and civic organizations in Erie County, Ohio and the surrounding region.   Over the years, programs objectives have modified to meet the changing opportunities and problems of our society, but the foundation’s basic goals remain constant.

The Mylander Foundation is required by its governing instrument to make annual grants to seven organizations that were an important part of George Mylander’s life.   Those organizations are The Sandusky Board of Education, Bowling Green State University Foundation, Grace Episcopal Church, Firelands Regional Medical Center, The City of Sandusky, Firelands Symphony Orchestra and A.T. Still University.

The Mylander Foundation Distribution Committee distributes additional funds to other organizations in Erie County, Ohio and the surrounding region at meetings held in May and November of each year.

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